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for the full story we've got it for. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news maker. hello welcome back here with a reminder of the top stories china's leader is a moscow to strengthen trade ties that are boosting two of the world's major emerging economies hu jintao and president medvedev will also address the current crisis in north africa and the middle east. and the fate of colonel gadhafi is the focus of the talks between russia's envoy to leave yes and the government in tripoli i mean comes as moscow attempts to negotiate an end to the country's civil war. the group pm promises to resell for his cabinet after violent protests absence hundreds end of the year and. plans for
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a new public cuts aimed at securing more international financial aid for the country. just may have lines here with us for more of the top of the hour work but meantime that we examine the trail of u.s. military bases left behind after every conflict washington is involved in. beginning in the 1980's the belief is slowly taking over the world that new liberal globalization with its built himself regulating mechanisms would finally do away with old institutions like the state and the military and would usher the planet into an era of relative peace and prosperity free trade will bring on the great depression nine eleven and the current economic crisis have shown that believed to be largely a myth. but many signs were already there markets have always relied on state power
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and military might. america's transformation from republic to economic superpower following world war two was accompanied by the creation of a global network of military bases unlike any other in history. according to the pentagon's base structure report today these amount to seven hundred sixteen in thirty eight countries more than two hundred fifty thousand soldiers stationed on these bases in addition to this the u.s. has a military presence in one hundred ten countries around the world. a year after his election barack obama approved the new administration's first military budget this amounts to six hundred eighty billion dollars thirty billion more than bush's last defense budget and almost equalling the seven hundred eighty seven billion dollars set aside by the new administration for the economic crisis stimulus package why
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despite the crisis does the military budget keep growing a crises and military expansion related in some way. when we have different presidents patience or sometimes bands that come or even though we have. talent night if we have people that want to show off their talent we have a stage. we've done all sorts of things here from how in party there's christmas parties there's other events that happen here at the center as well you know they had they have solved the last. thing. in the early twenty first century military bases the network of military bases all around the world forms the new empire that the united states is trying to build when you look at the pentagon's website and their public information they acknowledge having somewhere over seven hundred military bases scattered among about one hundred
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thirty countries that's astonishing that's astonishing most americans have no idea there are more than a quarter of a million more than two hundred fifty thousand u.s. troops stationed on these bases all around the world it's not illegal to take but. i gotta respect. the movies that we have in the movies are free. the unit of empire in the classic european empires was the color. the unity for the american empire is not the colony it's the military base bases on. the. point of projection on mention of most people don't understand the bases exist don't understand the functions of the filter bases and and it's much frankly it's
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much easier for people to engage with things like this war in iraq. question of torture of things that immediately outrage them these are internet stations where soldiers can not only check the internet but they also have the capability of. doing webcams. to focus on war and not war preparation is to simply shovel after the elephant one has to look at the war preparations that are going on around the world which military bases are central to. if one doesn't pay attention to that then again we can only deal with the symptoms which is which is warfare there's a saying that goes when soldiers come war comes.
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in the past when the american soldiers.
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yankee go home. the american bases have not only stolen our lands but also our way of life if you will not culture our history and everything else such a thing cannot be tolerated. and they say the bases are here to guarantee world peace so they've been used in the korean war in vietnam and now in iraq. in war people die but it's obvious now of course there are. both or i feel a great pain in my heart because our lands are being used to kill people who are.
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if a clerk asks you for a knife. there is nothing wrong in lending it to him but if he asks you for a knife to murder someone or lending it to him would make you a murderer or. photograph it says give me back my land it's likely that the. world will to mark the birth of america's global empire of bases for germany italy and japan the defeat was followed by the establishment of
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a permanent american presence that continues to this day. nowhere is this clearer than in okinawa a little island south of the japanese mainland which after the war remained under us administration until nine hundred seventy two when the island was returned to japan. in those years the u.s. established dozens of military bases on the island today along with south korea and due to its proximity to china and taiwan aquino was still represents america's military stronghold in east asia the island hosts thirty eight u.s. bases which house a force of thirty five thousand soldiers about me. well aware of the growing tension between the us and the soviet union following the war lead to an unprecedented global military buildup and to a strategy of exploitation of people's fears that in various forms has continued to this day. you know how bad.
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the atomic bomb why she could hurt you worse than a terrible sunburn specially where you're not covered. in those years america expanded into new territories such as the case of diego garcia a small island in the indian ocean part of the british overseas territories whose inhabitants got caught up in the global power struggle. nobody seems to know that diego garcia used to have a very considerable population it was all entirely bundled up and shipped out in order to as the u.s. navy put it sanitize the place the u.s. wanted a base an indian ocean at the cost because of the cornwall diego garcia has
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a most wonderful you know log on and that would really be the ideal place for a base so we were at. a wrong place if you know it's a wrong place at that time because that place was the best place for a the most sophisticated us than you can base outside of the u.s. in the day in one nine hundred seventy one due to an agreement between the u.k. in the us the british made the island available to the americans as a military base because of its two strategic position and to put it its two thousand inhabitants today according to the pentagon diego garcia is one of the thirteen major u.s. military bases in the world and has played a crucial role in all post nine eleven conflicts. the diego garcia exiles today live scattered between more rishis and the united kingdom where for years they have
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been fighting a legal battle to return to them. in two thousand and eight though the house of lords overruled all the cases previously won by the islands which propelled their right of return. we had to suffer exile because of for defense but poses and we've been surprise and that price is to be exiled from your homeland for the defense of the west. to a substantial degree and one problem or another socialism has spread the shadow of human regimentation over most of the nations of the earth. and the shadow is an approaching upon our own liberty. i was certainly a cold warrior i thought of the soviet union was a menace i still do i still believe that we had every right to try and defend ourselves against the power of the soviet union i began to change i got new
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information after the collapse of the soviet union in one thousand nine hundred one above all how fast our country moved the united states to find a replacement enemy to keep the military industrial complex functioning to serve the vested interests in the cold war system i was appalled by this i believe that we should have had after the collapse of the soviet union that eliminated any basis for this global apparatus there was no further reason for it it was irrelevant. instead they moved at once to find another enemy china. terrorism. drug lords even instability anything to keep it going we need an enemy it's like we were a football team and we'll be in prophecy to play a game we learn certain plays and now we don't have any opponents no how can we play this game anymore and so they needed a new enemy and a new enemy was for
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a while that was drugs we had a war on drugs with then came terrorism and that was a very good substitute in the minds of our lead is sometimes her brain a big thing sometimes they're afraid of very little out but notice something else about you know that i don't think you quite understand me what's plan well sometimes when you become afraid there isn't anything that's really dangerous i'm time to think things are dangerous when they're not john stockwell a former cia agent wrote i think a very pro. same book called in search of enemies in which he identified different areas in the u.s. society where there were there were the propaganda machine was geared up to identify a particular enemy of the moment in order that the us public would support a military build up or support a particular war. i don't know. what
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they were added network of bases means that you have at your fingertips if you are the emperor of the west the means of petro there's always somebody we don't lie and somebody who must be stopped perpetual war for perpetual peace is being the american dream once we were launched upon him we would never look back and we were always find a pretext to attack an enemy. targeting is an effort to process many thanks for considering we have advanced weapon systems with perception missions and we take care in matching the appropriate ordnance to produce the desired effect on the target.
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foundations for the new world order will aid in the middle east in one thousand nine to one. following the first gulf war the us established a permanent military presence in the middle east much like it had done fifty years earlier in europe and east asia. the true consequences of this policy would be seen only ten years later in two thousand and one who some of bin laden cited the us military presence in his homeland saudi arabia as a reason for his hatred of the united states. in a curious twist of fate the nine eleven attacks and america's military response paved the way for the birth of new military bases in iraq and central asia first and foremost in afghanistan. the relationship between bases and war is
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a hand and glove relationship bases most of the us bases i would say the majority are the result of war they are the booty or loot of war in the sense that they were captured during wartime and never given back following the us bombing of iraq in one thousand nine hundred eighty one the united states wound up with military bases in saudi arabia kuwait bahrain our oman and the united arab emirates following its bombing of yugoslavia and then nine hundred ninety nine the us wound up with military bases in kosovo or bay nia area macedonia hungary bosnia and croatia following us valma go up ganesan in two thousand and one into the us round out with military bases in afghanistan pakistan kazakhstan it was better stan stan coerr to stand georgia yemen and following us barmy
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get invasion of iraq in two thousand and three the united states wound up with iraq . staying behind. i believe is actually at the is the ultimate purpose of many of these wars we used to think of military bases being built in order to wage the worse and i think increasingly we see the wars themselves as convenient opportunities to station the bases and to have a more. the presence in countries such as iraq such as afghanistan such as kosovo. so have some of.
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what we have in here is video games. and. some of. the. specific moves to launch a test for spin it first puts you in a new gun controls daily so you can see again by me i want to be in the audience
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for quite a long time and right at that age as it will give way pay for college get something i'm going to do for a long time and done students active and they're never wanted us john so it has to be infantry for me something i could be moving around constantly doing something active so how do you feel about being deployed to iraq or afghanistan. i'm nervous but i'm ready if i get called to go. think it be another saving experience to make . fun of. down by the thought. well the u.s. japan security alliance is the cornerstone of america's defense posture in the asia pacific and the united states is both a transpacific and a transatlantic power but we couldn't project that power without the men and women
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who serve here in japan as we look at the region it is at peace but we have threats like what we hear every day from north korea. and the security mission is essential to continuing to under gird america's leadership and being prepared for the kind of challenges we face but also to seize the opportunities for a better future. in two thousand and nine after years of local protests u.s. secretary of state clinton signed an agreement with the japanese government to move the eight thousand troops stationed in the for ten days to the island of guam a u.s.
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territory the move though is tied to the construction of a new strip on the eastern coast of okinawa in himachal bay the project follows the decision to expand the jungle warfare training sent him to cut the north in short the u.s. has agreed to return some to the locals but only if they accept to give up more land elsewhere on the island. this is an ideal habitat for the do go on we have to do all we can to take care of it. the reef is right here or. it protects the bay and enables the sea grass that do go easy to type flourish. where they're going to. do this is come swab a military base that they've got in the us established it in the midst of world war
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two with it. that if i wanted to go to that are good. but now they want to destroy two kilometers of henoch obey. all the way to or a bay and build a floating airport and with that that they've got. a look at it go call it on all. the u.s. takes no responsibility for its impact on people or the environment from work. since many rare species live here this would have very serious consequences you know once a month or two of all the law. can now or are the only ones in the whole of eastern asia. and there are less than fifty left. we want them.
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i sat in front of cum swab for one year from morning to night nor newbie three i held up a sign saying no new basis so a lot of soldiers came out to talk to me. you know has got to get back that they offer me hamburgers for breakfast so i'm out. and they were so young that.
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i couldn't believe they would be sent to iraq to murder other people. you know. if you young we look at them you go you know by thoughtless yearly as kids are trained to kill we must stop and hold we believe we can prevent the construction of these actions when you look to obviously we only resort to peaceful means of protest that are going to go. up you could have. a lot of challenges but we also have some real opportunities and it's up to each of us to determine the role that we will play on behalf of our country and our leadership but i have every confidence that when it comes to defending america's
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security and advancing our interests we have nobody better than all of you. so thank you and thanks to your families thanks for the service and the sacrifice and thanks for making a difference every day. by militarism we do not mean national defense or the obligation of citizenship for able bodied people to defend the country in times of national emergency we mean a way of life a way of making a living an ideological position originally our conception of american military was like the early roman legions of the republic they were raised for emergency. farmers left their fields went to war and were instantaneously demobilize they were not long service forces or any sort as the roman republic slowly inadvertently
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thoughtlessly acquired themselves an empire they began to realize they needed standing armies something like that happened in america after world war two as we began to build an arms industry. and an apparatus to support a huge standing army that subtly altered the political structure but. standing armies destroy federalism they bring power to washington d.c. they require more wealth in order to maintain these armies these are long service armies twenty years or so they have to be taken care of when they become redundant things of this sort it alters the power pick your radically and that's of course what ultimately brought down the roman republic. attention all bases in
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attention are bases there and there is a factor. hungry for the full story we've gone to. the biggest issues get a human voice ceased to face with the news make us. all. whole.


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